Prep before makeover
In preparation for a makeover, there are little things you can do beforehand to make the process smoother for everyone and get a better outcome for you!
  • Prior to my arrival, you need to prepare a space where it will be as bright as possible, e.g. close to a window. Natural light is the best! In case it is dark, I do have my professional light, so don't be worried

  • There should be sockets available nearby

  • Please have a clear space available for cosmetics and tools
  • Do NOT sleep in your makeup. This can cause new breakouts, puffiness, and dryness

  • Exfoliate & moisturise the skin by using routine products. I recommend light face exfoliation a day before the makeup appointment (if there are no obvious inflammations on the skin). Apply your moisturiser at night and in the morning

  • Don't experiment with the new products to avoid allergy reactions. I do not recommend using any new products at least a week before our appointment

  • If you are planning a visit to a cosmetologist - peeling, facial cleansing, deep exfoliation, laser, injections, etc., is better to do at least a couple of weeks prior to the appointment

  • Waxing is also something that can negatively affect your makeup due to irritations/burns. It is best to wax a week prior to the appointment

  • It is desirable to tidy up the eyebrows. Please do this around 2 days before our appointment, sometimes redness and slight swelling after correction can persist for about a day

Note! You can correct the eyebrows yourself, but it would be better to contact a specialist.

  • Avoid sunscreen or SPF on a special occasion involving flash photography before makeup application. Specific ingredients may cause a flashback

  • Please put your contact lenses on prior to the makeup appointment. It is tricky to put on contact lenses after makeup has been done
  • It is better to shampoo your hair twice in the evening or morning prior to the appointment. This helps to get rid of excess oil on the scalp and pump up the volume at the roots. You can use the conditioner once and apply ONLY ON THE ENDS, it will not leave hair strands overly dry

  • Do not apply balms, masks, oils, mousses, sprays, styling products

  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer. If you want to create extra volume, dry your hair with your head down
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